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So, where can you ride your Montana registered Street Legal SXS?

It’s pretty much a combination of basic logic & common sense. I don’t seem to understand how adults simply can’t get the concept.

If you have a state issued, current & legal registration and display a license  plate from the wonderful state of Montana — and have a valid driver’s license — why in the world would you not be able to drive on the streets of any city, township, borough, village or hamlet in the United States?

And yes, that goes for Alaska & Hawaii as well!

Let's review some of the negative comments we have seen posted since I created the group a almost a year ago:

  • That ain't gonna work in my state.

  • The cops in my town are "D*cks".

  • My Driver's License won't be from the same state as my registration.

  • I talked to a local cop and he doesn't suggest it.

  • Local cop pulled me over and said to get out of "his town" with my SXS.

  • How can an LLC own a SXS?

  • Why would I spend money to ride on the streets?

  • SXS's are meant for the dirt, not the pavement.

Group of SXS vehicles at intersection


  • Because you don't think it will work?

  • You've been bullied by a Law Enforcement Officer?

  • You have assumed this since the day you bought your side by side?

  • You have assumed this since you "thought" about getting a SXS and simply haven't bought one for that purpose.

    So instead you chime in with worthless comments trying to misinform others with you senseless banter!

  • You're scared?


Well, you’ve been losing out on your ability to gain maximum ROI (return on investment) on your machine.  Most of us have $25,000 – $75,000 or even more invested in our machines.  Me personally, between running my day-to-day business and other weekend commitments, I’m probably able to take the 4hr rt trek to the mountains to ride maybe twice a month.  Add the hours up and its probably less than 24 riding hours in total.


With some guys having monthly payments of $250-$600 a month on their machine, its basically equal to renting a luxury or low end exotic car for a single day.  Well, I feel different about my machine.  I want the ability to drive my machine where I want, when I want.  If I want to head to the beach on a nice day, why not take the X3?  Because I always thought it wasn’t legal?  Hell no!

So, I decided to do some research, confer with some friends that had their machines registered in South Dakota for over 3 years.  Then some members of law enforcement, such as PA State Police Auto Unit officers, Phialdelphia Police Auto Unit cops and so on….  Then I legally register my machine in Montana so that I can drive it when I want to, where I want to.
Why limit yourself?  Why pay hundreds of dollars a month to ride your machine for a single day?  Not to mention the upkeep, repairs, insurance, trailer and so on.
I was aware of the State of Montana being a tax haven for exotic & collector vehicles, aircraft, boats etc.  I never realized the benefits of registering a SXS or a trailer in Montana would have.  You will need to own your machine without a lien.  However, you can now check out! They will approve you in 60 seconds for a personal loan to pay off your previous financing on your machine.  They will then wire the funds to you bank account by the next business day. What’s awesome about them is that they DO NOT put a lien on your title whatsoever. So, yes, if you buy your machine new from a dealer in any state, you can have it sold directly to an ASSET HOLDING LLC in Montana.


Police Car


So, you may very well be pulled over, it’s the nature of the beast.  LEO’s are intrigued, curious and sometimes just think they got a LIVE ONE and think they are about to impound your vehicle and give you summons’.  Read through the site, read our members own encounters proving their registrations are more than valid.  Watch the videos I have posted being pulled over and having my paperwork run and being told “all is well, so enjoy the rest of your trip”.


For Montana registrations we recommend: because they don’t treat you like a number.  They are personable and walk you through the process. They have set up an exclusive package for our members only.  The one time cost to set up the LLC and permanent STREET LEGAL registration of your 1st SXS is $895. They can register additional vehicles to your Montana LLC; $500 per standard vehicle, and $500 per motorcycle, quadricycle, or trailer.
Montana has no sales tax! Not only can you get a street-legal registration for your vehicle, you can also save on sales tax when purchasing a new quad directly into the name of your LLC. Each year, they charge $150 yearly fee to maintain the LLC with the state of Montana.
Let them know that you want the “STREET LEGAL SXS Package” which is highly discounted for our members. 


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